Global Distribution Centers

Today’s global companies operate within a complex supply chain that requires a coordinated flow of information, services, goods, and payments within and across international boundaries.

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Many startups, small businesses, and even larger enterprises face restructuring their organization in order to exploit the opportunities presented by going global. This presents logistical, economic, political, cultural, competitive, and infrastructural concerns that today’s executives must address in order to manage and mitigate the risks involved.

Flash Global offers agile and responsive solutions for these companies, with fluid distribution channels and a global supply chain that simplifies global expansion for our clients. Our hyper-local infrastructure and expertise significantly enhance predictability to manage your forward and reverse logistics, the ability to consolidate, driving efficiencies, and making cost management simple. Inventory management specialists located at each supply chain Distribution Center work seamlessly under our single IT platform, FlashTrac, to provide full-service functions, including these value-added services:

  • Sub-assembly
  • Expedited inbounds
  • Kitting

Flash Global Supply Chain Distribution Centers

  • 1. West Sacramento, CA
  • 2. Columbus, OH
  • 3. Toronto, Canada
  • 4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 5. Moscow, Russia
  • 6. Dubai, UAE
  • 7. Mexico City, Mexico
  • 8. São Paulo, Brazil
  • 9. Hong Kong, China
  • 10. Tokyo, Japan
  • 11. Singapore
  • 12. Chennai, India
  • 13. Sydney, Australia
  • 14. Johannesburg, South Africa


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