Parts Planning, Global Distribution and Spare Parts Logistics: The Right Mix for Resiliency

There is simply no way to overstate the effects Covid has had on high-tech OEMs in terms of parts planning and spare parts logistics. For the better part of a year and a half, warehouses have been operating with less manpower and working shorter shifts. Lead times getting into countries continuously change due to constant on-again/off-again local curfews, quarantines, and border restrictions. It makes the challenging task of global distribution and spare parts logistics even more daunting.

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Yet, as we continue to emerge from the pandemic, OEMs in the network hardware, data storage and network security spaces are achieving supply chain resiliency even as disruption continues. The key is to optimize your parts placement location to mitigate risk against potential disruptions. Thanks to strong partnerships Flash has with parts planning companies and technology providers, high-tech OEMs working with us can rest easy knowing they are covered.

Advantages of a Tightly Integrated Service Supply Chain

An integrated service supply chain solution that links parts planning and spare parts logistics, synchronous communication, and end-to-end visibility among all stakeholders helps create an ecosystem that is prepared to manage disruption and achieve resilience when the unexpected does happen.

Everything we need to know about our clients’ inventory levels is recorded in FlashTrac, our inventory system of record. Information such as where the clients have parts stored, how many are in each location, how many have been shipped out to end customers, and more. We provide on-hand inventory reports to our clients, so they always have an accurate view of inventory in their global network.

We also pass that same information along to the parts planning partner, including a detailed report of all transactions. Parts planning systems then analyze the data and historical trends to determine, among other things:

  • Which parts are failing the most and at which regions/locations.
  • Which locations may be overstocked or understocked with particular parts.

Based on that analysis, the parts planning system sends to Flash a list of locations where we may be understocked and need to send replenishment parts.

Parts Planning, Global Distribution, and Spare Parts Logistics: The Power of Integration

Parts Planning, Global Distribution Spare Parts Logistics Integration A solution that integrates global distribution and spare parts logistics with a parts planning system provides for greater agility in the global service supply chain. Covid revealed the tremendous value that can be gained from automating planning processes in an environment where border restrictions alter how replenishments can be accomplished. Adapting to change is much easier in an environment where you are updating a system configuration instead of trying to manage things via spreadsheets, especially in a time-sensitive environment where your next move could mean the difference of having a spare part at the ready to restore internet access to a region or not.

Flash Global provides best-in-class global distribution and spare parts logistics services. We work together with our clients and their partners to ensure optimal spare parts placement throughout the global network to achieve resiliency.

Your next move? We suggest watching this webinar, “Fortifying Global Spare Parts Management with Dynamic Planning to Drive Growth.” Then, connect with a Flash Global expert to start a deeper discussion.


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