Shipping & Storage
of High-Tech Spare
All Around the World

Flash Global facilitates the importing and exporting of spare parts into and out of countries where technology companies have customers. This service is essential to fulfilling time-sensitive (2- and 4-hour) service contract or warranty obligations.


IOR/EOR Services
Flash facilitates the legal relationship between our customers and in-country “…OF RECORD” entities. This service enables our clients to fulfill their service contract/warranty obligations while avoiding the high costs and burden of setting up their own legal entities in these countries.

Importer of Record (IOR):
The entity legally responsible for compliance to regulations / controls and payment of duties, taxes or penalties issued by Customs during an import clearance process.

Exporter of Record (EOR):
The entity legally responsible for the accuracy of classifications of goods and compliance to regulations during export clearance process.


Local Knowledge = Reduced Risk
Trade regulations & requirements vary by country and frequently change without notice.

consistency and visibility

Consistency & Visibility
Flash’s processes and technology are used by every location globally. We offer IOR/EOR in 110+ countries.

inventory and tax

Limits Tax Exposure
There is no transfer of inventory ownership.  The Flash customer owns the inventory the entire time.