From the Archives: Trade Compliance Training; 5 Ways To Successfully Work With Suppliers; Importance of Supply Chain in High Tech Industries

As we continue our journey through the world of logistics, supply chain, and trade compliance, we would like to revisit our archives. These posts are part of a mini-series aimed to resurface many of the key issues we want our readers to be aware of. These topics are still relevant to today’s logistics ecosystem and provide valuable lessons for organizations.

We went back to school and took a deep dive into trade compliance training and answered the who, what, where, when, why, and how of implementing trade compliance training in your own organization. Trade compliance is an important part of the import/export business and compliance is far reaching and non-compliance can have dire consequences.

We also discussed 5 ways to successfully work with suppliers because “when you’re working with partners that supply necessary raw materials and products it’s important to monitor the relationship and ensure that those you rely on heavily are equipped to “deliver the goods.” We addressed the importance of communicates and setting clear expectations, sharing volume forecasts with suppliers, the importance of documenting everything, holding suppliers (and yourself) accountable, and last but not least not putting all your eggs in one (supplier) basket.

Finally, we addressed the importance of focusing on supply chain as a priority and competitive advantage in high tech industries. increasing customer dominance in markets, faster rates of innovation, and products with increasingly complex design and manufacturing requirements, focusing on the supply chain as a priority will drive competitive advantage in high technology industries. Companies in high technology industries face an intriguing problem; the solution to gaining a competitive advantage lies within increasing their own supply chain practices to maximize return on investment. Take a look at how focusing on the supply chain improves competitive advantage.

We’re continuously publishing new blog posts as we continue to discuss issues in the supply chain, logistics, trade compliance, and high tech industries. Thanks for reading and be sure to come say hello on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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