Forward Stocking Locations

Forward Stocking Locations, or FSLs, are mini warehouses geographically close to the end customers.

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Forward stocking locations help companies meet service level requirements, reduce transportation costs, and control distributed inventory. By shipping larger, less frequent shipments to these “forward” locations, efficiencies are created while delivery times for customers in a specific geographic area are significantly improved.

FSLs help to leverage inventory holding costs and decentralize distribution, enhancing the ability to expand into new geographic markets. Transit times are reduced, with deliveries being measured in hours rather than days. Flash Global has one of the largest networks of FSLs in the world, with each location strategically placed to meet the toughest SLAs.

Global Footprint – Localized Focus

Flash Global and its Partner Network have over 700+ FSLs in key regions around the world, and we’re constantly adding forward stocking locations to our network.

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