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Welcome to FlashTube! This on-demand webinar series has been designed to educate, explain and start conversations about the service supply chain industry.

We are dedicating a supply chain and logistics expert to you for one hour, once a month. The FlashTube forum will highlight all of your need-to-knows, accompanied by an open Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Take a look at the calendar below to see if there’s a FlashTube webinar that you’d like to attend! Or watch recordings of past Webinars from our On-Demand Webinar Library

Next Webinar:December 11, 2018 at 11am ET

Technology & Service Supply Chain Visibility

Technology & Service Supply Chain Visibility

It’s a common water cooler topic that if the right technology is in place and utilized, life will be better. That’s especially true in the world of service supply chains, where professionals must have end-to-end visibility 24/7/365 and real-time data collection to drive decisions that deliver greater customer satisfaction and accelerate global expansion.

What you will learn:

  • Who we are and what we do
  • Challenges faced related to global inventory visibility
  • What to look for in service supply chain technology
  • Technology platforms to consider
  • Benefits and outcomes when the right technology is implemented
  • Ask the experts – bring your questions!
Speaker: Tye Brown, FlashTrac Product Manager

On-Demand Webinar Library

Successful Warranty Replacement Management: A Service Supply Chain Case Study

Breaking the cardinal rule of supply chain management — thou shalt mitigate risks through diversified relationships — blows up a time-honored industry trend. The potential cost savings and operational efficiencies gained through consolidating services with a single partner is enticing. Such a bold move requires one thing above all else: trust.

What you will learn:

  • Why a $50 billion technology conglomerate consolidated its North American warranty replacement chain
  • What steps they took to prepare for the maneuver
  • What challenges they faced
  • Outcomes they expected to achieve
  • What they achieved
Speakers: Host: John C. Sedlacek, VP of Client Services; Co-Host: Ryan Miller, VP of Global Marketing

Reduce Costs & Accelerate Revenues in Your Spare Parts Logistics

Delivering the Amazon-like post-sales support your customers expect – even demand – requires a reverse supply chain strategy that positions you to effectively manage total cost of ownership. When properly executed, the strategy can often create positive ROI from returned units.

What you will learn:

  • What is the service supply chain and why does it exist?
  • Challenges high-tech OEM leaders face related to global spare parts management 
    • Overview of solutions to consider to overcoming them
  • How it’s possible to reduce costs of spare parts management while increasing revenue  
    • 6 opportunities to explore 
  • Your options to achieving spare parts management bliss
  • How to position you and your company to win faster in 2019
Presenter: Matt Zimmer, COO

How to Reduce Your Transportation Cost with Screen and Test Solutions

Transportation costs are unavoidable. However, a partner that has in-region experts who can handle your defective products and returns can reduce the time out of field for a product — but that is only the beginning of the savings in transportation.

Presenter: Marty Walsh, Sr. Director, Business Development, Repair Services

Implications Brexit has on Your Global Customer Support Services

Brexit, the looming divorce between the UK and EU, is a game-changer if you move spares and repairs through that part of the world. We will examine some of the many potential implications—and opportunities — Brexit might bring for high-tech supply chains, and explore what you can do now to prepare for the post-Brexit world of international trade.

What you will learn:

  • Where Brexit Stands Now – Sea of uncertainty
  • 6 Key Potential Implications for high-tech OEMs
  • Disruption is Not Without Opportunities
  • Plan Now – Create a Tangible “First-Mover Advantage”
Presenter: Philippe Jadoul, VP Global Network in Partner Management

Doing Business in Brazil: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

What you will learn: Brazil a hotbed of opportunity for you, but it also presents unique challenges. We’ll explore those challenges, including stringent customs regulations and a complex tax system, and offer solutions that can help you grow your business in one of the world’s leading emerging economies.
Presenter: Walter Santiago Jr. | Sr. Director of LATAM Operations