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Welcome to FlashTube! This on-demand webinar series has been designed to educate, explain and start conversations about the service supply chain industry.

We are dedicating a supply chain and logistics expert to you for one hour, once a month. The FlashTube forum will highlight all of your need-to-knows, accompanied by an open Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Take a look at the calendar below to see if there’s a FlashTube webinar that you’d like to attend! Or watch recordings of past Webinars from our On-Demand Webinar Library

Next Webinar:Aug, 21 (11am ET/10am CT/8am PT)

Implications Brexit has on Your Global Customer Support Services

Brexit, the looming divorce between the UK and EU, is a game-changer if you move spares and repairs through that part of the world. We will examine some of the many potential implications—and opportunities — Brexit might bring for high-tech supply chains, and explore what you can do now to prepare for the post-Brexit world of international trade.

What you will learn:

  • Where Brexit Stands Now – Sea of uncertainty
  • 6 Key Potential Implications for high-tech OEMs
  • Disruption is Not Without Opportunities
  • Plan Now – Create a Tangible “First-Mover Advantage”
Presenter: Ryan Miller, VP of Global Marketing

On-Demand Webinar Library

Doing Business in Brazil: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

What you will learn: Brazil a hotbed of opportunity for you, but it also presents unique challenges. We’ll explore those challenges, including stringent customs regulations and a complex tax system, and offer solutions that can help you grow your business in one of the world’s leading emerging economies.
Presenter: Walter Santiago Jr. | Sr. Director of LATAM Operations