Flash Increases Operational Efficiency

Flash Increases
Operational Efficiency


Reducing Fixed Costs by 40% 
Flash partnered with a leader in pharmacy automation that provided remote and
medication management across entire healthcare systems.

The Goals of the Partnership Were To:

  • Expedite processing and shipping timelines
  • Provide flexible options for deliveries 
  • Reduce fixed overhead costs 

Accomplishing Objectives 

Keeping short- and long-term goals in mind, Flash created a configurable strategy to consolidate the company’s current service logistics operations. 

Plan For the Future

This plan offered a simplified and more streamlined approach, with scalability, to achieve future expansion goals.

Warehousing and Distribution

Moving high-tech parts to Flash’s warehousing and distribution centers helped reduce their fixed costs by 40%.

Increased Operational Efficiency

By strategically placing mission-critical parts closest to its installation bases, processing and delivery timelines were reduced.

Automation, Transparency, and Predictability   

 Additionally, the organization needed a better system for
inventory and order management.

The Results

After integrating with Flash’s robust tech platform FlashTrac, the company was able to digitally transform its entire service supply chain operation and offer:
  • In-the-moment data for all inventory housed with Flash 
  • Historical and real-time metrics to make data-driven decisions  
  • Real-time execution for order management and parts placement 

With the visibility and automation that FlashTrac offers, the company proactively operated its service supply chain with increased predictability within its distribution area.

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