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How Effective End to End Supply Chain Services Create Focus on Profitability and Customer Service

The ability to optimally integrate all areas of the supply chain is key to meeting customer and shareholder needs. A strategy that encompasses all allows decision-makers the visibility to see concerns early on and respond promptly. This builds a leaner, faster process while also increasing profit. Do you find the idea a bit unwieldy and difficult to implement? Finding an experienced partner to manage and engineer end to end supply chain solutions allows you to achieve this global undertaking and an efficient supply chain.

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What is the #FlashGlobalChat?

Flash Global will host a monthly Twitter Chat with the Global Supply Chain community in order to start discussions around best practices, tips, trends, and general topics. In these Twitter Chats, the supply chain community will have the opportunity to network with other supply chain industry peers. In this first #FlashGlobalChat, Matt Zimmer, Senior VP of Customer Solutions, will answer 4 to 5 questions during the hour-long Twitter Chat on how expert end to end supply chain services allows companies to focus on creating profitability and customer service. We welcome others to answer the questions during the chat as well by understanding the Twitter Chat Format as follows:

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