Technology has always been the driving force behind logistics and supply chain management and even more so after the advent of the silicon chip, the internet, and alas, Moore’s Law took hold. More and more as supply chain solutions companies offered technology solutions to customers. In the past centuries, people looked for ways to move goods faster, in greater bulk and more economically but with greater visibility. The problems were solved primarily by the invention of the railway, automobiles (including trucks), modern ships and airplanes. The invention of the computer, the Internet, and related technologies revolutionized the supply chain industry with such technologies as web-based programs like FlashView. Now the industry is on the brink of another revolution.

Today’s emerging technologies are more concerned with speed, accuracy, security and seamless delivery. These technologies include 3D printing, drone, the internet of things (IoT), driverless vehicles and augmented reality. The application of these technologies are great enablers of efficiency, but we must also remember to deploy the fundamentals. Technology allows for more strategic planning, a lynchpin of effective service supply chains, but also for more collaboration. This is why Flash Global’s 2nd #FlashGlobalChat, held on Twitter, is centered around the Impact of Emerging Technologies on Global Supply Chains.apid use of emer

#FlashGlobalChat #2: The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Global Supply Chains

As we stated previously, the rapid deployment by corporations who have a global supply chain in order to remain efficient requires an innovative and strategic approach but with the best practices and tried and true fundamentals in mind. That is why, for this #FlashGlobalChat, we will have two special guests will provide their expertise and perspectives around how emerging technologies are impacting global supply chain management.

#FlashGlobalChat Supply Chain Twitter Chat Guests

Adams Nager (@Adams_Nager), Economic Research Analyst at Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

adams nagerAdams Nager is an economic research analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. Areas of interest include international competitiveness, macroeconomic theory, STEM education policy, and high-skilled immigration issues. Prior to ITIF, Adams was a student at Washington University in St. Louis, where he earned an M.A. in Political Economy and Public Policy and a B.A. in Economics and Political Economy.

Adams brings a great perspective about how emerging technology can enable companies to compete and stay competitive in North America. With a client base of high technology supply chains, Flash Global welcomes the opinions and answers Mr. Nager will provide during this #FlashGlobalChat.

Chuck Intrieri (@CMIConsulting93), 3PL and Supply Chain Consultant at The Lean Supply Chain

Chuck intrieriMr. Charles (Chuck) Intrieri is a highly experienced and credentialed Supply Chain professional and is a recognized thought leader and innovator, primarily in the areas of Supply Chain Optimization, Third Party Logistics (3PL) International Purchasing/Importing, Requests for Quotation (RFQ) generation, Inventory Management and Logistics, Warehousing, strategic sourcing, supplier management, contract negotiations, truckling: TL/LTL/TMS/pooling/consolidation and reviews, and Purchasing operations. He is a motivational team builder with a history of conducting significant organizational transformation and achieving important operational successes at the local, regional and global level.

Flash Global Technology Internal Expert Representation

Chris Gifford, Senior Application Developer, Flash Global

Over 17 years in full stack development. In previous positions as a Developer and Senior Developer I have been involved in system integrations, customer data integration as well as leading development on key portions of their main ecommerce platform. Currently, I am responsible for creating several B2B processes and leading development on our Flash Trac and Flash Trac Mobile platforms.

How the #FlashGlobalChat on Twitter Works

Flash Global will ask 4 to 5 questions during the hour long Twitter Chat. Guests and anyone who wants to, will answer 4 to 5 questions during the hour-long Twitter Chat on how emerging technology impacts global suply chains. We welcome others to answer the questions during the chat as well by understanding the Twitter Chat Format as follows:

Flash Global’s twitter account will ask a question in the format: Q1: How does supply chain excellence create more profitability?

and Matt or anyone else who would like to answer would answer: A1: Tweet with your answer!

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