For The Flash Global Team, Hamburgada do Bem Is A Labor Of Love

At Flash Global, we work hard, play hard and actively pursue opportunities to step out of our service supply chain comfort zone and give back to the communities where we live all around the world. For Danielle Gomes, an Operational Manager on our LATAM team, participation in events such as Hamburgada do Bem is a labor of love.

“It’s rewarding to be involved with children, and other people who really care about children,” Gomes said of Hamburgada do Bem, a program that began two years ago with the goal of designating one Saturday each month to provide a hot meal and interactive fun to school-age children from some of the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods in São Paulo, Brazil.

To mark its two-year anniversary, Hamburgada will conduct the next event on October 28 in Porto Alegre, approximately 530 miles south of São Paulo. As a title sponsor, Flash Global will be represented by Gomes and five of her colleagues. They will join the thousands of volunteers who will serve up sizzling hamburgers, crispy French fries, ice cold milkshakes and soft drinks to eager, wide-eyed children, many for whom this might be the only hot meal they get the entire month.

Hamburgada do Bem: It’s All about Love

The event is exclusively for children, and there is an extensive sign-up process conducted at local schools. Yet it was a parent who left a lasting impression on Gomes at recent Hamburgada event.

There was a kind man who waited outside the perimeter fence all day, observing the philanthropic event as the 5-year-old boy enjoyed the food, fun and games. Gomes felt compelled to approach the gentleman, and shockingly learned that the man wasn’t even the boy’s birth father. In fact, there was a bigger, inspiring story to be shared.

“He told me he noticed that his neighbors were not treating this boy well, and always saying bad words to him,” Gomes said. “A short time later, he approached the parents, who told him, ‘You want him, take him.’”

The kind-hearted man said he went through the legal process and now the boy lives with him. When asked why he was waiting all day at Hamburgada, the man said he just wanted to see his son experience some joy in life. “I have nothing, but what I have, I will share,” the man told Gomes.

And that is what Hamburgada do Bem is all about. “It’s the meaning of love,” Gomes said.

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Flash Global, a leading provider of service supply chain solutions that help companies grow and achieve success in the global marketplace is a title sponsor of Hamburgada do Bem, and we’re proud of Danielle and the other members of our LATAM team who participate in this heartfelt program.

Read more about Hamburgada do Bem and follow our blog and our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts for coverage of the upcoming two-year anniversary event.

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