When one team can apply talents from the warehouse floors, to their local communities, you know there’s something truly special going on. For the Flash Global Brazil team, the Hamburgada do Bem nonprofit provides an opportunity to blend their professional skills with passions of making a difference in the world. Hamburgada do Bem serves poverty-stricken neighborhoods throughout Brazil and invites local children to enjoy a full day of recreation, games and a hot meal. Staying true to their purpose, Hamburgada do Bem unites children and volunteers for a full day of community support. Hamburgada do Bem: “um jeito gostoso de fazer o bem,” meaning “a nice way to do good.”

Flash Global Sponsors Hamburgada do Bem

Hamburgada do Bem is hosting an event on October 28, 2017 where six Flash Global employees will be sponsored to dedicate their time: Priscila Ventura, Raphael Siqueira, Fernanda Saraiva, Mayara Sales, Danielle Gomes and Isabella Pavia. Their day will start around 8 a.m. (local time) among the 200 other volunteers as they await the 600 children of Porto Alegre, Brazil. The volunteer staff will enjoy new friends and a big breakfast before rolling out the custom-made BBQ grills that each support about 180 hamburgers at one time. With a mission to provide a hot meal of which most children in these neighborhoods rarely experience, the grills crank out hundreds of burgers every 18-20 minutes. As Raphael Siqueira mentioned, the entire event is a wholehearted production that could be compared to the pace of a Charlie Chaplin film.

Once the children arrive on location, which will be the Arena do Grêmio on October 28, a stadium where some of one biggest soccer teams in Brazil compete, they will be greeted with activities, games, hamburgers, and fries. From the kids to the volunteers, this is truly a place of pure happiness. “It’s a mix of joy and sympathy—the kids just running, yelling, smiling… you can literally see the spark in their eyes. You look at these kids and you feel connected,” said Isabella Pavia.

Volunteers are assigned to one of three work areas for each Hamburgada do Bem event: support, kitchen, and recreation. For the Flash Global Brazil team, this layout almost mirrors their typical workday. It’s a cross-training logistics skill that the crew embraces outside of the office and in the community, making Flash Global’s sponsorship for Hamburgada do Bem that much more fitting. Just as in their service supply chain roles, the team switches work areas from event-to-event in order to have experience in each field, building a diverse support base.

From the volunteer work, to the Hamburgada do Bem events, to the children who attend, this nonprofit has a special place in the hearts of Flash Global. As a title sponsor and advocates for this incredible work outside of the office, it’s a humbling reminder of why it’s vital to give back to the communities that you do business in. It’s more than a logo on a website page; it’s, “The feeling of making a difference in the life of someone who really needs it… if [we] can make a difference in just one day for someone else, we can feel okay,” said Mayara Sales.