Excellence With No Boundaries


Excellence With No Boundaries


In early 2007, Juniper needed a quick and complete turnkey depot operations to accommodate new customers in Mexico, and it needed to set up the necessary logistics infrastructure in less than 30 days. Based on the experiences of several key Juniper personnel with Flash Global, it was clear that Flash was a logistics solutions provider that could get the job done both across the border and within the time requirements.

Top Gun

The Challenges

The timeframe for accomplishing this critical market-entry endeavor on the part of Juniper could not have been tighter. Juniper asked Flash to first assist the company in supporting its customers throughout the LATAM (Latin American) geographic markets, preliminarily focusing on Brazil and, secondarily, on other Latin American countries.

The challenge was that the company needed to grow its in-country presence in Mexico fairly quickly in order to support its existing and growing base of customers.

“The investment in this expanded infrastructure will undoubtedly give Juniper customers access to a broader range of services and the ability to leverage the Juniper supply chain as a competitive advantage.” “</h5

Senior Supply Chain Manager | America’s International

The Solutions

Flash has a global approach in every facet of the business, from the multilingual expertise of the team to the far-reaching global presence of its more than 750 forward stocking locations (FSLs) and 17 multi-client distribution centers (DCs) and three Global Service Centers in the Flash Network around the world.


Knowledge of the Mexico geographic marketplace.



Internal IT operations skills and capabilities.



XML knowledge and experience.



A high level of customer service and support options.

“They’re growing faster than before because they can sell into these new regions knowing we have their back. The proof is in the FSLs they’ve quickly set up and got up to speed serving clients and in the contracts they’ve won….”
Brian Dunleavy

Director of Business Development | Flash Global

The Results

Doing the impossible was all a matter of partnership.

In less than a year, Flash Global has opened several more FSLs in the United States for Top Gun. Each location was quickly stocked with the spare parts needed to support their customers’ hardware — easily accessible replacement parts that were ready to be deployed in a matter of hours. Going with Flash gave Top Gun the capability to fulfill on the world’s toughest service level agreements in some of the highest stakes situations. It’s also given them the confidence to expand globally without hesitation because they know they can leverage Flash’s infrastructure and expertise everywhere.

Top Gun

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