Answering One Simple Question Can Inspire Passion for the Job

Flash Global COO Matt Zimmer

You want great teams performing within your organization? In his article, “Why Talking Passion Can Make All The Difference,” Flash Global COO Matt Zimmer says it all starts with asking employees this question: What responsibilities or work functions do you most enjoy?

Matt loves building high-performing teams that design and implement service supply chain strategies for Flash Global customers all over the world. His article is now live on TLNT, a website dedicated to Talent Management and Human Resources.

Sparking passion in the workplace isn’t just something that happens, Matt explains. It requires more than a low-level awareness that creating a standout team is a good goal to achieve. Action is needed. Action in the form of one-on-one communication between managers and employees. You have to get to know what drives them, and that starts by learning what responsibilities or work functions they most enjoy, he says.

An excerpt from the article:

An individual’s strengths are tasks they get excited about, while weaknesses are tasks they’re capable of accomplishing but don’t look forward to and can even dread. You want to help people find things they love at work, so they’re excited to come to the office rather than finding reasons not to be there. This thinking about strengths is one I’ve learned and embraced from Marcus Buckingham.

Read more of Matt’s article, “Why Talking Passion Can Make All the Difference.”

Matt Zimmer’s approach to building high-performing teams is an example of the collaborative management style that permeates the culture at Flash Global. To learn more about our service supply chain solutions that can help you succeed in the global marketplace, connect with us today.


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