Flash Global Acquires System Design Advantage

Supply chain solutions

Flash Global is committed to providing holistic global service supply chain solutions. For over 30 years we’ve set the standard for what service supply chain means and what companies can expect from a partner like us.

The business ecosystem, especially in high-tech verticals, changes frequently. This requires companies to either adapt or die – it’s that straight forward. The unforgiving nature of change is exactly why customers choose Flash – to give them a strategic business advantage.

To continue to achieve business-critical results for our customers, we have to adapt as well. As part of Flash Global’s commitment to excellence, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of System Design Advantage (SDA). As a leader in their industry, SDA is an authorized OEM provider of service part sales and repair, as well as product fulfillment services and Level 1-4 repairs for hi-tech products. Effective immediately, we are integrating SDA’s suite of services to drive more value and strengthen our strategic partnership.

What does the acquisition of SDA mean to our current and future customers?

  • Expanded service suite to assist with your service supply chain needs.
  • Streamlined solutions with experienced people, proven systems, all under one contract.
  • Access to OEM authorized parts and services, backed by our commitment to quality.
  • Continued help to reduce your service supply chain cost, while optimizing throughput.

The current CEO of SDA, Jim Sahli, will join the Flash Executive Leadership Team as SVP, Strategic Product and Parts Services. Flash Global CEO Sam Mikles and Jim share a friendship that’s more than a decade old; bringing the two companies together was natural as they and their companies share common beliefs and values. We’re excited to add Jim’s expertise, experience, and passion to the team.

This acquisition is the latest step in our long-term corporate strategy to continue our transformation from a traditional 3PL into a service supply chain solutions company.

If you have questions about this or would like to learn more about partnering with Flash Global, let us know by calling us at 603-380-4347 or filling out this quick form.


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