Flash Opened 45 Depots in Mexico in Less Than 30 Days

Flash Opened 45 Depots in Mexico in Less Than 30 Days


In-Region Security Upgrades Save FireEye $200,000 & Helps Protect Brand Reputation
Over 7,700 customers in 103 countries, including 50% of the Forbes Global 2000 companies, rely on FireEye for around-the-clock protection from the ever-increasing threat of malicious cyberattacks. FireEye’s intricate network of state-of-the-art monitoring systems and frontline experts confirm 50,000 – 70,000 potentially malicious events every day.

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The Challenges

Control Costs & Minimize Downtime

When it comes to protecting their clients by staying ahead of hackers, FireEye requires software upgrades of their down rev security appliances in the field, done in such a manner to control costs and minimize downtime.

These upgrades need to be done not only to units that are operational in the field but also to backup equipment located in forward stocking locations near FireEye’s global install base.

The Solutions

Tools, Tech & Timing: Right Place, Right Time

FSL Coverage

FireEye developed and built two Software Upgrade Kits (a traveling server with a laptop, cabling and other accessories) that were used to execute upgrades. These kits were shipped to various forward stocking locations near the FireEye install base.

Field Services

Flash Global coordinated deliveries and scheduling with our partner’s team of more than 12,000 certified field engineers to ensure a qualified technician and the right parts arrived at the right time at the right location.

“By utilizing the joint services of Flash Global and their third-party field engineers, we have avoided well over $200K in import/export duties and freight costs. An added benefit with the Voyager SW Upgrade kit is flushing out any potential failures from our service inventory stocked
at Flash’s international depots.”
Matt McCarty

Director of Global Service Supply Chain | FireEye

The Results

3 Projects, 21 Countries… $200K in Savings

FireEye Engineer Kevin Hoang, who created the highly specialized kits and wrote the detailed upgrade instructions, spent endless hours early morning and late nights with our expert technicians, providing guidance for setting up the kit, overseeing the upgrade process of the security appliances, and provided troubleshooting when needed.

To date, Flash Global has coordinated three different upgrade projects in 21 countries (Flash FSLs), resulting in 336 units upgraded.

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