Expedited Scalability Through Precision and Excellence 

Expedited Scalability Through Precision
and Excellence


Flash Global partnered with a cloud computing company to achieve their goal of global expansion. With an expansive global footprint of 140+ countries, and Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services available, Flash was uniquely positioned to deliver service parts logistics all around the world. 

Expansion with Reliability  

Flash was quickly tasked with scaling the company’s worldwide logistics offerings, preparing them for growth in many countries.

Critical to this was enhancing their service level offerings to include both the next business day (NBD) and same-day (2-hour or 4-hour) deliveries of mission-critical parts. 

A Supply Chain Partner Who Could Deliver 

Flash’s team, comprehensive network, and deep experience in global trade compliance and IOR/EOR capabilities, were essential to their business.

Create a process for performance tracking of IOR/EOR partner(s).

Provide a global footprint of FSLs with in-region expertise.

Fulfill NBD, 2HR, and 4HR delivery of missioncritical parts.

Manage and monitor international depot-to-depot replenishment shipments.

File for import & export with customs to facilitate the movements of goods.

Obtain any license or certification, to authorize import/export goods when required.

Handle the payment of duties, taxes, or penalties issued by local Customs.

99% Cycle Count Accuracy

Flash has consistently managed 99+% cycle count accuracy as the company’s inventory footprint continues to expand. Reliability in such areas has allowed the company to meet or exceed its customer SLA compliance KPI of 98%. 

The Results

The businesss objectives focused on growth and the addition of new customers.

By outsourcing their logistics operations to Flash, the company was able to readily offload management of their logistics operations internationally to a trusted partner. This enabled them to focus resources on other business operations and enabled the flexibility to contract with new customers with full compliance, maximum scalability, and cost efficiency. 

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