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A region as varied and diverse as Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) simply cannot be managed from the USA or any other region.

The market requires distribution to be designed and executed on a local level, in the regional time zone, by leaders who are familiar with local distribution patterns, customs protocols, and overall regulatory requirements.

In Europe, Flash Global employs a trusted team of local, experienced trade and compliance experts who ensure compliance with the EMEA region’s complex trade compliance laws through rigorous preparation even before a shipment departs.

Flash has numerous leaders throughout the entire EMEA region to manage a vast network of qualified partners, provide customer support and ensure fast and predictable importation in all EMEA countries. Flash offers exceptional service throughout the region from its Customer Response Center in the Netherlands.

Kazakhstan and Nigeria are examples of emerging markets within the EMEA region that have significant barriers for entry. Flash works diligently to identify in-country partners in these markets to navigate local cultures, languages, and customs requirements. Even when designing country-specific solutions, strict compliance is a non-negotiable must (as is the case for all Flash clients anywhere else in the world).


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