Doing Business in APAC

Global Trade Compliance Series (Episode 3): Doing Business in APAC

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Import/Export Controls Are Changing in: the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand
  • Potential Geopolitical Implications
  • Critical Importance of Trade Compliance
  • Key Steps to Managing Trade Compliance Successfully in APAC

Hosts: Bob Yin, Sr. Manager, Quality Control, APAC Region.

Co-Hosts: Frank Campagna, Director of Global Trade Compliance; Shuji Chigami, Sr. Director, Network Operations-APAC

Episode 3 of Our Global Trade Compliance Series

From a trade compliance perspective, conducting business in the Far East has been a bit like the Wild, Wild West. Sure, each country has its unique rules, regulations and processes, but there has been little to no consistency across the region. This has made the already daunting task of global trade compliance even more challenging. However, change you need to know about is starting to sweep the region, specifically when it comes to moving encrypted high-tech goods into and out of APAC countries. Episode 3 of our Global Trade Compliance Series focuses on Doing Business in APAC. This interactive roundtable discussion, hosted by Flash Global’s foremost experts in the region, will focus on significant changes that are already in motion or will be soon in Southeast Asia.