A Day in the Life of a Spare Part: Comic

As Told Through the Eyes of Box & Flip

The life of a high-tech spare part takes an expansive and exciting journey from order to end-customer. Follow two characters, Box and Flip, as they travel from one of Flash’s 700+ forward stocking locations (FSLs) to a delivery truck bound for their final destination!

In this comic, you’ll see an illustrated story of what happens once a customer requests an order for a replacement part – represented by the character, Box.

On every replacement part, Flash attributes a unique identifier, a Flash License Plate Number (FLPN), for ultimate visibility through our technology, FlashTrac – this FLPN is represented by the character, Flip.

Once the part is ordered and off to its destination, our customer breathes easy knowing the expertise Flash brings to the table in fulfilling their mission-critical SLAs!

Box and Flip
Customer Journey
Comic Box 3
Comic Box 4
Comic Box 5
Comic Box 7
On Truck
Comic Box 9

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