Conquer COVID Chaos by Finding Your Calm in the Eye of the Storm

You run point for the team of brave souls who drive global spare parts management. Your team is the only line of defense (and offense) when it comes to delivering mission-critical spare parts to your customers. The phone is already blowing up as you enter the office. It’s a customer in Brazil who says their replacement switches are late.

A global pandemic has the likelihood of shutting down operations at a critical FSL in Indonesia right at the time when a 2-hour deployment hits your email. Where are the alternative sources for spare parts?

The phone blares again. It’s a customs agent in Dubai… yeah, that’s a pipedream. Customs agents never call. They’ll just let those shipments that were improperly classified sit in customs purgatory at the border until you pay the additional $20k in duties.

You have a meeting with the executive team after lunch — only you won’t be eating lunch. You need to ask for non-budgeted funds to purchase new replacement parts because on-hand stock levels are too low in Canada.

Good news, though: tomorrow is Tuesday and while the future of spare parts delivery is unstable, companies like Flash Global will remain operational as long as humanly possible.

You Want Calm? Ask for It

Achieving calm is easier than you might think. First, however, you must understand there’s no shame in seeking help. In fact, it’s probably the savviest business decision your company could make. Why should your team carry the weight of the service world on your collective shoulders? Find the right partner, one who has the experience, expertise, agility, and flexibility to navigate the chaotic world of a global supply chain. Then, you’ll begin to experience calm in the eye of the storm.

Remember those shipments stuck in Dubai? A partner’s end-to-end tracking technology will flag the problem for you. An updated MPL, a few crucial revisions in some paperwork and voila! The shipments clear within the hour. Instant calm for you.

Of course, not every issue will be as easy to solve. We know because we fully understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. We know how to bring the calm, so you rise above the chaos and focus on your core business of manufacturing the technologies that unite the world.

Turning Chaos into Calm: A Transformative Journey

For nearly 40 years, Flash Global has partnered with high-tech companies of all sizes from a variety of industry verticals, helping them deliver excellent customer service and support. Our people have been in your shoes. That experience empowers us to drive the continuing evolution of the service supply chain from a perspective of calm.

We lock shields to combat chaos and tackle the challenges you face. As the blog series progresses, you’ll see that calm is very much embedded into the Flash culture. We live calm. We breathe calm. Heck, we even speak calm.

Calm \ Kälm \

Noun: A state of tranquility.  Intransitive verb: To become calm. Transitive verb: to make calm.

What could you accalmplish if you were calm and did not have to worry about handling the chaos?

Calmmunication \ Kälm-myü-nǝ-kā-shǝn \

Noun: The process of calmly exchanging information with customers, colleagues and partners.

Timely, proactive two-way calmmunication is an essential element of our successful partnerships.

Calmbiguity \ Kälm-bǝ-gyü-ǝ-tē \

Noun: A state of tranquil awareness and imagining what is possible when all around you seems uncertain.

We transform ambiguity into calmbiguity. Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted partner who expects the unexpected and will help you navigate the disruptions, such as the impact of the Coronavirus, wildfires in Australia, civil unrest in Hong Kong? Not to mention the geopolitical turmoil resulting from the trade war with China and the aftermath of Brexit.

Calmfident \ Kälm-fǝ-dǝnt \

Adjective: Full of conviction and assuredness, the cornerstone of making sound business decisions.

Calmness clears the way for supreme calmfidence in decision-making.

Calmpetitiveness \ Kälm-pe-tǝ-tiv-nǝss \

Noun: The inner drive or desire to compete and accomplish goals, without letting emotions drive behaviors/actions.

We’re both uber-calmpetitive. Let us help you expand to new horizons and keep your customers happy.

Calmpatibilities \ Kälm-pe-tǝ-bi-lǝtēs \

Noun: Devices or systems designed to be used with another device or system without modification.

Partners, too, must be calmpatible in terms of culture and have a clear understanding of shared goals and responsibilities.

Ready to Enjoy Calm?

We cannot solve all the chaos in your personal life, but we can certainly help alleviate the stress associated with overseeing a global supply chain. We simply handle it for you! You’ll breathe easier. Sleep a little sounder, and gain the opportunity to focus on your core business.


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