Computer Service Parts Delivery Times: How To Get What You Want When You Want It

Thanks to places like Amazon, and services like Prime Now and Instacart, the public is becoming used to receiving anything and everything as quickly as possible. But when it comes to computer service parts delivery times, there’s no telling when you’ll receive your parts. So what options are out there for reliable computer service parts delivery times?

Benefits of an OEM-authorized service parts dealer

Ordering computer service parts directly from the OEM is one option, but is there an alternative when it comes to computer service parts delivery times? A few benefits of using an OEM-authorcomputer service parts delivery timesized dealer include:

  • Fast shipping: Ordering from an OEM doesn’t guarantee fast computer service parts delivery times. Even when paying for expedited shipping, it may take a while for the parts to ship out of the OEM warehouse or distribution center. Other parts dealers are able to ship same-day if needed.
  • Inventory: OEMs will pre-define an equipment’s life cycle, and will only stock those parts through that life cycle. This can be as short as one year, but is rarely longer than three years. An OEM-authorized parts dealer is able to provide refurbished parts as an option to continue to support the equipment, even after service parts are no longer available from the OEM. This provides companies with the ability to support and repair their IT equipment for longer time frames, and the OEM authorization ensures that companies are dealing with a trusted, credible source on parts that are out of warranty or distribution.
  • Customer service: While everyone wants fast computer service parts delivery times, customer service is also an important aspect. Whether it’s assisting customers with questions to help determine which computer parts they need, or managing an order to ensure proper follow-through and completion, good customer service can save a company time, money, and stress.

When it comes to computer service parts delivery times, speed, accuracy, and support can be the difference between a good experience and a major headache. For more information on how computer service parts delivery times and service can benefit your company, reach out to one of our highly-skilled representatives today. They can discuss your current situation, your needs, and create a plan that will keep your products running smoothly for years to come.


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