Making It Happen: Service Supply Chain Management for Chief Operating Officers

In a competitive global marketplace, companies that successfully manage risk and capitalize on opportunities have a tremendous competitive advantage. All eyes are on you, the COO, to make that happen. Are you ready?

Making It Happen: Service Supply Chain Management for Chief Operating Officers

In a competitive global marketplace, companies that successfully manage risk and capitalize on opportunities have a tremendous competitive advantage. All eyes are on you, the COO, to make that happen. Are you ready?

Local Solutions, Globally Fueled

Every day, Flash Global helps solve the problems that keep COOs awake at night. You have to control costs, streamline operations, meet KPIs, manage risk, and anticipate market changes — all at the same time. We’re the partner you need to overcome those challenges and more.


The Challenges COOs Face

Wouldn’t it be great to only have one job? The daily challenges of being a COO make chainsaw juggling look easy. Any one of myriad roles in service supply chain operations is a full-time job, but you have to oversee them all!

  • Architect: The service supply chain is changing rapidly, and all eyes are on you to get the job done in operations. Customers accustomed to same-day deliveries from retailers expect the same level of service from OEMs. You have to design a supply chain that adapts to changing markets and increasing customer demands.
  • Bean counter: The crucial KPI in most companies is financial performance. Your challenge is doing more with less and wringing cost out of the supply chain without sacrificing customer satisfaction.
  • Tightrope walker: Service supply chain operations is a balancing act. On one side is the spare parts management division. On the other is the need to have the right part at the right place at the right time and ensure that a technician is on hand to do the repairs and installation.
  • Collaborator: Even Superman couldn’t do this job alone. You have to coax every department out of its silo so they work together to improve operations and build customer loyalty.
  • Leader: The CEO brings the vision, while the COO executes the strategy. You’re the person responsible for “making it happen.” That requires maintaining a strategic focus even as you hone in on the details.

No one person has all the answers. Do you have worries or concerns you’re reluctant to say out loud? Tell us. We’ll help.

Our service supply chain experts can help you figure out your next move and stay ahead of the curve.

How We Can Help

You need a partner who is with you every step of the way, not a vendor who treats every service/shipment/phone call as a one-off event. Our teams work with yours to understand your company’s strengths, goals, and pain points.

We provide:

  • Predictability with costs: With our expertise, excellent KPIs, and software built specifically for the service supply chain, we help reduce the number of unexpected expenses.
  • Custom strategic solutions: Our agile and nimble team uses network modeling to create custom solutions that help you make the best decisions possible in the ever-changing marketplace.
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership: Saving money is great, but a partner who helps you make money is even better. It takes a lot of time and money to build a supply chain from scratch in another country or region. With Flash Global, there’s no need for new warehouses. We already have the infrastructure in place to help accelerate your company’s growth.
  • Trade compliance: Rules and regulations change constantly, and we stay on top of every twist and turn. We use local expertise and have people on the ground in every region where we maintain operations.
  • Risk management: You can’t predict exactly when trade wars, natural disasters, civil unrest, fires, and other events will disrupt your service supply chain, but you can make contingency plans. Our supply chain models help you optimize your networks and react quickly when problems arise.
  • Proactive advice: Our fresh perspective can spot opportunities you may have overlooked and our team loves to create winning strategies for our customers. For example, one of our large OEM partners had an under-utilized repair depot. We showed them how to reduce costs without affecting SLAs by routing defective inventory to another in-region repair facility and closing the under-utilized depot.

Most important, we offer you a trusted partnership. We understand that we’ll be responsible for an important part of your business. We’re not just signing a contract; we’re building a long-term relationship — and this has been our approach for more than 35 years.

We have conversations to learn about your worries, goals and dreams. We don’t just throw reports at your team and say “Do it this way. Here’s what has worked in the past.” We know each customer is unique. We listen and work together to find the ideal path forward.

No company/partner is perfect, but we’ll never stop trying to help you hit 100% in all KPIs.

Global Solutions, Locally Fueled

We have supply chain infrastructure in place in more than 140 countries and can deliver world-class supply chain solutions.

Here’s why partners choose us:

  • We’ve been doing every part of the last-mile logistics for 35+ years, and have specialized in service supply chain solutions for the past 15 years.
  • We have experience with many high-tech verticals, including telecommunications, network security, medical devices, and data storage, among others.
  • Our staffers bring real-world experience to their jobs. They have worked in manufacturing operations, and understand what you’re going through and what you need to achieve success.
  • We use our proprietary tech platform, FlashTrac, to provide end-to-end visibility and streamline the after-sales supply chain.

Our custom reverse logistics solutions support high-tech manufacturers with mission-critical needs. We help our partners “make it happen” every day. Contact us to learn more.

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