Customer and product support are at the core of customer retention and product development.

Our global service supply chain infrastructure positions us to handle your Level 1 – Level 3 (L1 – L3) support needs in-country with local technicians. Your products don’t have to come back to the U.S., which saves time and significant expenses.

Knowing why a product failed is as valuable as making your customers happy, which is why we provide comprehensive and detailed data for every support ticket we receive.

Flash L1-L3 Technical Support Helps:

  • Decrease delivery time to end customers.
  • Reduce inventory cost.
  • Reduce taxes and fees associated with imports/exports.
  • Reduce expenses associates with “no trouble found” (NTF).
  • Provide data customers can use to enhance products and reduce issues over time.
  • Provide global support.

A Quick Overview of Each Level:

Level 1: First Line of Support

This support level receives inbound requests via phone, web forms, email, chat, or other means based on the agreement with each customer. Technicians at this level are trained to initiate screening and testing processes to determine if additional steps are needed to resolve the issue.

Level 2: Second Line of Support

The more experienced technicians at this level manage incidents escalated by the L1s or as agreed to in documented SLA (Service Level Agreement) timelines. L2 technicians follow documented processes and workflows provided by customers or higher level support stipulations.

Level 3: Third Line of Support

L3 technical experts resolve issues that are typically difficult or subtle. L3 engineers participate in management, prioritization, minor enhancements, break/fix activities, problem management, stability analysis and more.

Growing market share, expanding globally and satisfying customer needs takes a tremendous amount of time, resources and focus. Most manufacturers, especially in high tech, rely on strategic partners to focus on those areas to maximize efficiencies while reducing the total cost of ownership.

L1- L3 Repair Support

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