Congratulations, your sales team made the sale and your spare parts logistics is in place. Now what happens when a product needs to be screened and tested after failure, needs software/firmware upgrades, a certified hard drive swipe and more? Think about how you’re doing it today. Chances are you’re burning cash and time when you don’t have to.

Your customers expect 24/7 service and 100% uptime. With critical business functions on the line, they can’t afford to wait for service, and you need to control costs associated with those services. Every hour of downtime represents lost revenue — and a missed opportunity for you to build brand loyalty and referenceability.

Your customers’ competitors are just a click away. You know as well as anyone, it doesn’t take much to lose your customers’ trust. We understand that. Flash Global is the service supply chain partner you’ve been looking for and having the option to use our technical services is a tremendous bonus. We know that your spare parts oftentimes require additional services — minor to major — that can make a tremendous difference in your bottom line.

Outsourced technical service solutions, as part of the service supply chain, enable you to leverage certified technicians, ISO certified processes, technical equipment and reporting capabilities without incurring capital expenses and having to manage it.

The Challenges

High CapEx Requirements

Significant investment for OEMs to handle technical services. Technicians, equipment, shipping and reverse logistics are costly to create.

Reverse Logistics

Getting defectives back to the contract manufacturer (CM) or OEM in the event of a device failure, high cost for CM to add new process, and opportunity cost if OEM handles.

Flexibility to Support Install Base

Building a scalable supply chain that supports customer- and product-specific services globally.

There’s more to the service supply chain than moving boxes, parts and devices around the world, and that’s where Flash Global excels and adds value to your post-sales support and operations. Our technical services include:

  • Testing and screening of defective returns for NTF or NFF
  • Warranty management – both in or out of warranty
  • Certified hard drive wipe and erasure (comes in handy when dealing with GDPR regulations)
  • Proof of concept programs – Demo/Eval programs, product refresh and configure to order
  • Subassembly level swap outs
  • Software/firmware upgrades
  • Engineering changes and ECO management
  • Dangerous goods management
  • Level 1 and 2 repairs
  • Configure to order
  • Kitting

The Solutions Overview

Test & Screen Services

In-region screening & diagnostic testing for NTF reduces out-of-service time and transportation costs.

In/Out Warranty Management

Maximize end-of-life value, increase customer loyalty and manage TCO with optimized return management services, including cross-dock activities to ship to an authorized depot when needed.

Depot Repair Services

Depot and OEM-authorized parts repair centers get parts and subassembly level swap-outs back into service faster and more efficiently.

Just think about what your life would look like if someone else handled global technical services. … Looks good, doesn’t it?

If you’re ready to explore the next level of cost savings and customer service, give our specialists a call.

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Supporting Services

Spare Parts Logistics

Like an orchestra in harmony, our warehousing and distribution capabilities, coordinated with a variety of delivery options, gets the right parts to the right place at the right time.

Warehousing & Distribution

Global Service Centers and Distribution Centers support Forward Stocking Locations in more than 130 countries.

ECO Management

Speed fulfillment of your engineering change orders using our technical services.

Inventory Management

Predictive planning ensures you have the right amount of inventory on hand in the right locations to meet SLAs.

Field Services

Give your customers the convenience of installs and decommissions, product refresh, emergency repairs, and scheduled maintenance, performed onsite by expert technicians.

Global Trade Compliance

Rest easy when you take advantage of our IOR/EOR services in more than 90 countries, with local experts onsite to ensure goods flow seamlessly through customs.

Visibility & Traceability

Get unparalleled visibility into key metrics 24/7 with FlashTrac, our customized software built for the service supply chain. Combat counterfeiting, document chain of control, and spot trends using accurate and immediate data.

Contact UsSchedule a consultation to see how we can help you streamline operations and grow your business.

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