Service Parts Logistics:
The Heart & Soul of Spare Parts Management

Getting the right parts to the right place at the right time… and so much more.

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How You Benefit

Service parts logistics, spare parts management, reverse logistics, service supply chain — these are all phrases used to describe services related to post-sales support for defective hardware. The service level agreements (SLAs) associated with those parts are usually hours, not days. Success is highly dependent on a robust, consistent, fluid, and transparent process that we call the service supply chain.

Getting spare parts delivered to your global install base in hours requires strategic coordination of a complex mix of services that includes warehousing, distribution, supply chain modeling, asset recovery, transportation, trade compliance and technology. It’s not easy to keep these services working together smoothly — the potential for disruption is everywhere.

Creating Lasting Partnerships

You need a partner who understands the challenges you face and creates end-to-end solutions that help your business scale globally.

You need a partner like Flash Global.

Flash Global optimizes your global service supply chain operations by combining our deep knowledge of the international service supply chain with specialized technology and software. In short, we bring unparalleled visibility throughout your global supply chain so you can see and respond quickly to mitigate disruption and maximize satisfaction among your install base.

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Meeting Demanding SLAs

When a customer needs a part, they are distressed and want it immediately. Delays cause frustration and missed SLAs damage your reputation.

Managing Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce TCO through accurate inventory management, control shipping costs and avoid costly trade compliance missteps.

Providing Real-Time Visibility

Knowing where your parts are at all times and being able to deploy them with confident ease.

Initiating Growth

We operate as an extension of your company, leveraging our existing global infrastructure to help you develop the agility to shift as geopolitical and customer needs change. We constantly monitor and address concerns, enhance communications, and implement best practices that lower total cost of ownership and improve profitability. By partnering with Flash Global, you can depend on a worldwide network of global service centers, distribution centers and forward stocking locations that will enable you to serve all your customers with ease.

Plus, as you grow, we grow with you. If you’re expanding to emerging countries or places we don’t have a location, we have the partners and expertise to add new locations.



Warehousing & Distribution

Global Service Centers and Distribution Centers support Forward Stocking Locations in more than 130 countries.

Service Delivery Options

We help keep your promise to customers by meeting SLAs through 2-4HR, next business day (NBD), or even next flight out (NFO) deliveries.

Network Modeling

Based on your install base, we’ll pinpoint exactly where you need to store spare parts to meet even the most demanding SLAs.


Main Line

US Command Center (24/7/365)

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