You have service agreements with your customers which include critical SLAs. In most cases, meeting those SLAs means storing spare parts near your install base – globally. It’s the exportation and re-importation of spares where most companies struggle. Moving your spares across international borders can be risky business. One misstep in product classification, valuation, licensing, paperwork or any number of country-specific regulations and your shipment gets buried in customs purgatory in some faraway land for weeks or even months. Meanwhile, your customers get edgy as they wait for the spare parts they need. Understandably so. Downtime is a killer of revenue and your company’s reputation. The price of noncompliance most certainly will hit a lot closer to home, too, in the form of hefty fines, a possible ban from shipping anything anywhere, or worse — are you ready to trade your corner office for a prison cell? It could happen to you and your company, but it doesn’t have to. You need an FCPA compliant partner who understands the stakes and the challenges you face. You need Flash Global. We handle every aspect of global trade compliance on your behalf when proper authorizations are provided.

The Challenges

Proper Classification
of Each Shipment

Where is it going? What is its end use? Who is receiving it?

Global Trade Rules & Regs
Change Constantly

U.S. government agencies and each country have different, often unique guidelines.

Controlling Duties & Taxes

An optimized trade compliance program will lead to increased revenue and significantly lowers exposure to risk. It’s a competitive advantage worth doing and doing well.

By partnering with Flash Global, you join forces with a worldwide network of seasoned IOR/EOR specialists — we offer IOR/EOR services on your behalf in more than 90 countries. We know the local languages and cultures, so we can solve challenges that may delay shipments. As part of the service supply chain, our trade compliance program will ensure the right parts get to the right place at the right time all under one roof. We also help you launch or extend service in new markets – whether it’s one we’re already in or an emerging one. We confidently manage the risk that comes with your growth. No detail is too small, we handle them all. Like a boss.

The Solutions

Export Management
Compliance Program

Support with due diligence in complying with U.S. Export Administration Regulations.


Payment of duties & taxes upon importation; filing of specific declarations and application of licenses when needed.

Global Trade

We know the latest customs rules & regulations for each country where you’re doing business.

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Supporting Services


  • Commercial Invoice
  • Air waybill, return air waybill
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Electronic Export Information Filing
  • Destination Control Statement


  • Restricted Parties List
  • Denied Parties List
  • Embargoed Nations List


Background checks and annual training/testing of every Flash employee and Network Partner ensures compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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