Service Logistics Capabilities

While Service Logistics Solutions are our bread and butter, we’re so much more. We also offer best-in-class Global Trade & Compliance and Field Services.

Flexible and Configurable
Service Supply Chain Solutions

Our global Partner Network of in-country experts, combined with the automation of FlashTrac and our trade management system, ensures service logistics solutions that provide the global reach, reliability, consistency, and compliance protection needed to meet or exceed your SLAs.

Our suite of integrated services includes Service Logistics, Global Trade Management, Importer of Record/Exporter of Record Services, and Global Field Services.

Service Logistics Capabilities

Service logistics capabilities through distribution and warehousing are our core focus.

We offer a wide variety of mission critical delivery options, including 2-Hour, 4-Hour, and Next Business Day.  We use network modeling and geospatial analysis to determine where your parts need to be stored to meet those challenging SLAs.

Every single one of our [varFSL] locations across [varCountries] countries use FlashTrac — our configurable inventory, order and warehouse management system designed exclusively for spare parts logistics — to support the unique requirements of high-tech OEMs. FlashTrac provides end-to-end visibility into order and delivery status, as well as the ability to view inventory levels on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis from anywhere in the world.


Service Logistics Solutions technology

Global Trade Compliance

Every shipment is validated before it ever leaves a warehouse.

Our automated trade system determines the need for import and export licenses, and screening is done against restricted and denied parties lists.  Our services also drive the systemic creation of export documentation, including the Commercial Invoice and Packing List.

That’s all part of how our Trade Compliance and Trade Operations teams help protect your brand by ensuring all shipments move without delay and in accordance with global regulations.

Importer of Record &
Exporter of Record Services

Flash uses local entities of record in [varIOREOR] countries to facilitate the import or export of spare parts into or out of countries on behalf or our customers.

Any import or export licenses needed are obtained and owned by our network partners, who have intimate knowledge of country-specific rules and regulations. You’ll sleep better at night, knowing your products are moving in compliance with regulations. That helps prevent the risk of delays at customs or worse—substantial fines or damage to your reputation for trade violations.

Service Logistics Solutions globally
Service Logistics Capabilities

Field Services

As a value-add to our core service logistics offering, Field Services provides 24/7 access to a global team of qualified technicians who can arrive on-site to complete product swap outs and refreshes.

Flash coordinates spare parts delivery and the dispatch of a tech. It’s a one-stop shop, available through a single point of contact. You experience global scalability, improved first-time fix rates, and actionable visibility from order creation to completion.

Global Solutions, Locally Fueled

140+ countries served
700+ forward stocking locations
100k same-day deliveries annually
450k next-day deliveries annually

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