Taking A Bird’s Eye View Of Brexit

Taking A Bird’s Eye View Of Brexit

Addressing Brexit as it pertains to the trade and distribution in the EU.

Looking at the current environment, Flash overviews what is going on, and how Flash is positioned in the Spare Parts Delivery Supply Chain, IOR /EOR services, FSLs and overall global distribution.

Key Takeaways

  • The volatility is easing, and businesses needs to be careful not to use the hysteria of the word itself to detract from proactive change.

  • The general landscape is quite settled now – we know what we are dealing with from a general regulation, residency and tax standpoint.

  • Flash Global operates in over 140+ countries with over 600 warehouses across the world; we have a bird’s eye view of the market as a whole and able to react and change in an ever changing market.

  • There is still a lot of confusion in the market for some companies.  We are reminded that there is a template for all markets and stipulations within them.

Brexit discussed by Sam Mikels “Companies now have to take into account trade regulations, time constraints and lead times, just as they were doing business in say Argentina or South Africa”
~ Sam Mikels

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