4 Uses of Technology to Improve Supply Chain Management

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s imperative for businesses to innovate new ways to streamline their supply chain and optimize productivity. With the aid of modern technologies, you can create better visibility within your supply chain, which will enable you to have more control over your business and stay ahead of the competition. Technology can help to simplify your supply chain management, which will enable your business to operate more efficiently, give you more visibility and control over your inventory, and help to reduce your operational costs. Additionally, through a more stable and efficient supply chain, you can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and retention. Here are just a few ways to integrate modern technologies into your business model and improve your supply chain management.

Computerized Shipping and Tracking

With the aid of modern technologies and Internet-based software, you can simplify the supply process and dramatically reduce shipping errors. Software like FlashView enables savvy business owners to consolidate all aspects of their supply chain in one place. The software will allow you to digitally organize inventory data, monitor and manage shipping and tracking information, and create electronic invoices with ease. Through the use of supply chain management technologies, you can greatly reduce the time spent shipping, receiving, tracking, and compiling order data, which will save your company both time and money.

Not only will FlashView improve the operational efficiency of your supply chain, it will also greatly enhance the customer experience by providing consumers with the ability to continuously track the status of their orders. Through digitalized tracking, you can significantly reduce shipping errors and more rapidly respond to the errors that do occur. In this day and age, having technology like FlashView is essential to running a thriving corporation that is both business and consumer-friendly.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a vital piece of technology that can provide innumerable benefits to the business owner. RFID chips are placed on every product and provide a way for business owners to easily track their inventory. Due to the increased visibility RFID chips provide, they will substantially improve your supply chain efficiency by detecting any order anomalies as they occur, enabling employees to immediately correct mistakes. In addition, it allows for easier and more consistent tracking, enabling business owners to have maximum control and visibility over their products at all times. Since RFID chips provide computerized product management, they can eliminate the potential for errors, simplify the supply chain, and reduce operating costs.

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Use Social Media to Streamline Supply Chain

Social media is a popular technology that has swept the world. With over 288 million Twitter users and 1.23 billion Facebook users, it’s no wonder many businesses are turning to social media to gain visibility for their company. In fact, over 70 percent of all Fortune 500 companies rely on social media as part of their marketing strategy and supply chain management. Through the use of social media, you can create more open communication with customers, increase the visibility of your company, improve the demand on your products, utilize cost-effective and time-efficient marketing strategies, lower your operational costs, and enhance your company’s overall productivity. Social media can be used to interact with customers, respond to questions, report accidents or weather conditions that may impede delivery schedules, and create automated updates about your inventory.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

The more links there are in your supply chain, the more convoluted and complex that chain becomes. By simplifying the supply chain and disposing of unnecessary links, you can improve efficiency and reduce expenditures. Work directly with the manufacturers whenever possible, rather than purchasing through an intermediary source. By working directly with the manufacturers, you can greatly reduce expenses and create a simpler and more efficient supply chain. Reducing the links in your supply chain will also enable you to lower the risks associated with shipping and receiving. Given global trade is contingent on such factors as weather, international border security, economic collapse, and natural disasters, simplifying your suppliers to as few manufacturers as possible will improve the reliability and efficiency of your supply chain and leave your business less vulnerable to unforeseen disaster.

In order to improve as a business, it’s essential to continually adapt to emerging technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition. By integrating modern technologies into your business plan, you can greatly enhance your productivity as a company, while cutting costs and improving customer satisfaction and client retention. Customers will likely be turned off of a business that routinely has shipping delays, shipping errors, or products that are out of stock. Enhancing your supply chain can minimize risk and improve your reputability in the eyes of the public. Through the use of technologies such as FlashView, you can streamline your supply chain and create an easier, cheaper, and more accurate shipping process.

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