Need HP Parts? Beware of Dupes

When looking to buy HP parts, it’s best to find a trusted source that is authorized by HP —such as Flash Global. That’s important because, as HP reminded its Parts Partners and customers again last week, thereFlash Global authorized source for HP parts are many impostors offering false claims and counterfeit products.

The latest brought to light by HP’s anti-counterfeit team is a Wan Zhong Office Equipment Co. Limited, based in China.

According to an email from HP, this company has been sending “unsolicited email and offers that are too good to be true.” Furthermore, this company falsely claims that they are authorized by HP, they are the “largest, oldest, most trusted source” and “the best choice” for HP printer parts.

The truth is that HP does not have, nor has ever had, any business relationship or agreements with Wan Zhong, according to the email from HP.

 Buyer Beware when purchasing HP parts

The HP anti-counterfeit team and HP legal team in China have repeatedly notified Wan Zhong and formally requested that they cease & desist their false claims, stop selling counterfeit HP parts and fusers, and warned them of potential legal action if they do not comply. And yet Wan Zhong persists in mispresenting themselves, misusing the HP brand, and marketing parts of unknown origin as if they were genuine.

Since neither HP nor any of their authorized distributors sell HP parts and fusers to Wan Zhong, it is highly probable that the parts and fusers they market are cheap counterfeit imitations.

Flash: A Premier Source for HP Parts

For optimal printer and PC function, remember to always buy HP parts from a known and trusted source, such as Flash Global. We have multiple OEM relationships—including one with HP—that enables Flash to deliver comprehensive solutions that help customers improve revenue and profitability through parts refurbishment and resale. We’re all about delivering the highest quality products at cost-effective pricing.

That’s why the pros at Flash can seamlessly handle all of your HPE replacement parts needs, from servers and laptops to desktops and printers. You’ll save time and get the right parts faster.

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