HPE Replacement Parts Anti-Counterfeiting Update

Last modified: May 17, 2016


Recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprises wrote two articles from HPE’s Global Brand Security team highlighting two recent HPE replacement parts anti-counterfeit raids in China.

Chinese officials tackle massive counterfeiting ring

In March 2016, Chinese officials, with support from HPE’s Anti-counterfeit team, carried out dedicated raids targeting a major counterfeiting ring that was fabricating and distributing counterfeit HPE replacement partsHPE replacement parts. The coordinated raids yielded approximately 30,000 counterfeit items at three concealed premises in China.

  •  The counterfeiting process spanned three separate locations including a final assembly site in a residential housing area.
  • All in all, the officials confiscated about 30,000 counterfeit items including finished products, components, labels and packaging. They also seized large quantities of equipment and materials used in the counterfeiting process.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise supports officials in these aggressive actions, to HPE 2protect customers from unknowingly purchasing counterfeit HPE-branded products and to protect our HPE partners by removing illicit products from the marketplace.

Counterfeiter with worldwide network dismantled in China

In a separate case, raiding three premises in Guangzhou, Chinese officials successfully broke up a major manufacturer of counterfeit HPE ­branded products in March 2016. Supported by HPE Global Brand Security (GBS), authorities seized nearly 22,000 items and gained intelligence revealing the HPE 4distributor’s significant role in international trafficking of counterfeits.

  • Three simultaneous actions enabled officials to secure vital intelligence as well as equipment used for assembling counterfeits.
  • Intelligence provides GBS experts with decisive information on the global sales network that had been supplied by the now­ raided counterfeiting syndicate.
  • This operation again demonstrates the significant cooperation between HPE and Chinese officials in the global fight against counterfeiting. Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE 3would like to thank authorities for their continued actions in protecting brand owners.

Join our fight against counterfeits

If you notice any suspicious products or offers, please let HPE know. And to avoid falling victim to counterfeiting, HPE recommends to only purchase from trustworthy sources such as HPE-authorized dealers.

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