Are You #HereToWin At Life? Show us.

Last modified: October 6, 2017

It’s 1976. You’re in a movie theater (or you’re a millennial, so it’s 2017 and Amazon Video). The infamous trumpet beat starts and you see Rocky Balboa running up the 72 stone steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You can’t help but fist pump, because you and the other moviegoers instantly feel like you’re #HereToWin at life.

And now you will have that song in your head all day — you’re welcome.

That #HereToWin feeling is universal. It showed at a recent PGA TOUR event when pro golfer Charley Hoffman (whom we proudly sponsor) chose to take a shot of more calculated risk to up his spot on the leaderboard, disregarding his caddie’s advice to play it safe. Here. To. Win.

Here was Hoffman’s motivational dialogue:

Just like Hoffman’s (and Rocky’s) ambition to do everything it takes to win, Flash Global embraces that same drive every single day. 24/7. From Columbus, Ohio to Tokyo, Japan. We’re leaders in the worldwide service supply chain space because we reach beyond expectations to ensure our customers succeed in the global marketplace. You could say we’re obsessed with it.

We’re #HereToWin. Whatever it takes. For our customers… our partners… and our Flash family. We don’t settle for anything less.

Ready to Win?

We want to see what inspires you to win at life! Is it waking up an hour early to hit the pavement before the sun rises? Is it kicking off your workday commute blasting The Sugarhill Gang? Is it couponing like a boss and saving $46.73 at your local grocery store?

What motivates you to win right now, at this very second?

Show it off by posting a photo or video on social media and including #HereToWin in the caption. Or, submit your entry to our contest form.

Creativity [and dogs] get major bonus points.


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