FlashBash 2016 – Flash Global Customer Appreciation Party

Last modified: June 23, 2016

Thank you to all who journeyed from near and far — some from halfway around the world! — to make our FlashBash 2016 Customer Appreciation Event an resounding success. What a night!

This event was everything we hoped it would be — a chance to renew acquaintances and forge new friendships; an evening of celebrating our collaborative successes; and an opportunity to explore and share new ideas. This was a celebration of you, our valued customers, partners and friends who are at the heart and soul of each and every thing Flash does, day in and day out.

That dedication was on full display during our time together, starting with the guided tours of our new Global Service Center in Union City and continuing throughout the evening. We truly appreciate the efforts of all Flash employees who helped make this event an amazing success.

We know there are many who wanted to attend but could not due to prior commitments or circumstances beyond your control. You were there in spirit with us, and we plan to share highlights of the event through pictures and video posted on our website — so watch for those soon!

As we all turn our attention back to the business at hand, our hope is that together Flash and all customers will build on the synergies and momentum we experienced last week. We’ll continue to work hard… and when the time is right, we’ll get together again for our next Customer Appreciation Event.

Thank you again, everyone. Without you, there would be no Flash.




“Thank you and good night”


We appreciate each and every customer, employee and partner – thank you!

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