3 Critical Reasons to Outsource Repair Depot Services

Let’s talk reality about the importance of repair depot services.  For starters, consider that every high-tech part and component that helps keep businesses running and their customers happy has a weak link. At some point, that monitor, board, server, printer, or any number of other parts is going to break or wear out and needs to be repaired.

The challenge for any business, from established original equipment manufacturers to emerging startups, is keeping current customers up and running with minimal downtime while maintaining focus on their core business. They often don’t have the time, resources or capital needed to meet the demand for repairs.

Outsourcing repair depot services to a reputable service supply chain partner, like Flash Global, offers many advantages, but three of the most critical are cost savings, improved product quality and streamlined warranty management.

Screen, Test and Repair Services

1.     Opportunities for Significant Cost Savings

Setting up and maintaining a repair depot requires a heavy investment in capital and operating expenditures. Using a third party partner maximizes efficiencies and will reduces costs in the following areas:

  • Equipment: The sophisticated diagnostic equipment needed to accurately test and evaluate why a part failed can easily run into millions of dollars.
  • Warehouses: It’s one thing to set up work benches in a dedicated area, but where will defective units be stored until they’re fixed? Where will hot swap units and whole units be stored? Where will repaired parts be stored until they’re deployed back into the field? And the spare parts required to do repairs—where will those be stored? It’s wise to choose an outsource partner, like Flash Global, that has a infrastructure of Global Service Centers that can accommodate not only repairs but provide ample storage space to accommodate growth and meet increased demand.
  • Staffing & Training: Choosing to outsource repair depot services to a third party provider alleviates the need to add full-time employees to the payroll. An outsource partner has the engineers, program managers and certified technicians on staff, along with warehouse personnel to handle the logistics of ensuring all parts are accounted for and move smoothly through the repair process and are deployed back into the field.

2.     Improves Product Quality

Why does a part break down, and how can it be prevented in the future? Outsourcing repair depot services to a provider that has the facilities and expert staff in place can provide the answers to those questions efficiently. Once a part has been verified as defective, the technicians, quality experts and engineers perform a comprehensive failure analysis, down to the smallest details of why each part failed. That information helps customers correct manufacturing defects, resulting in improving product quality, reducing warranty repair costs and ultimately driving enhanced customer satisfaction.

Repair Services

3.     Streamlines Warranty Management

Here’s another reality: People expect a warranty with their high-tech equipment. It’s a given that OEMs are going to have to do ongoing in-warranty and out-of-warranty support for their IT products. Warranty management, however, can be a very time-consuming and resource-draining endeavor. It gets even trickier when multiple warranties are involved—the laptop being checked has a one-year warranty, but the hard drive in it may be covered for three years. Outsourcing to a repair depot alleviates the burden of warranty management from the OEM.

Once warranties have been verified, the part is either sent to the OEM to be fixed or it can be fixed at the repair depot, if that third-party service provider is an authorized service provider for the OEM. Either way, the warranty ensures the part will be repaired at minimal cost to the customer.

Why Carry the Burden of Repair Depot Services?

Are you ready for when reality hits and your parts break? If not, it’s time to talk to Flash Global. We’re an authorized service provider and depot repair vendor for many of the world’s top OEMs for a reason. With five Global Service Centers strategically located throughout the world, Flash has the infrastructure in place along with highly trained staff who can handle everything from cosmetic fixes to the most intricate board-level repairs. Connect with us today.