The Benefits of using Configure to Order in your Supply Chain Services

configure to orderWhen it comes to your supply chain, it’s important to have a solution that is tailored to your specific needs. Just as no supply chain is one-size-fits-all, neither should your hardware or software solutions. That’s why Flash Global offers configure to order services – to help customers minimize inventory carrying costs while reducing the time to market.

Configure-to-Order Services

There are a variety of configure to order services available that are designed to work together to create the optimal solution for each company. Different aspects of a customized solution include:

  • Order scheduling, processing, and fulfillment of client-specific HW/SW configuration
  • Item Master Parts List and Bill-of-Material maintenance
  • Software and Imaging download, configuration of device
  • Burn-In and Device Testing
  • Asset Tagging and Labeling
  • Production shop floor transactional visibility and reporting
  • Order history reporting

Benefits of Configure to Order

So why is it important to have a configure to order system for your supply chain?

  • Scalable: With a configure to order system, a company’s supply chain has a scalable solution that can be implemented across geographies and business groups.
  • Lower distribution costs: Configure-to-order systems help lower distribution costs for companies through OEM authorizations and system integrators.
  • Reduced cycle time: When it comes to supply chains, time is money. By creating a customized configure to order solution, companies will experience a reduced cycle time to revenue and a reduced order to cash cycle, helping to accelerate revenue generation.
  • Budget: With a configure to order system, companies aren’t stuck paying for things they don’t need. This enables a variable operating expense based on a pre-approved fee structure, as well as lowered overhead budgetary requirements.
  • Client benefits: Supply chains using a configure-to-order system are able to access a global reach with a repetitive service solution to their end clients, and provide those clients with greater order visibility.

The goal for every company’s supply chain is efficiency – and your systems should be no different. By taking a configure to order approach over a standard cookie-cutter solution, companies can save time and money while providing their end clients with the best possible level of service. To find out more about Flash Global’s configure-to-order solutions, contact us today.


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