Awarded Cisco 2022 Excellence in Service Logistics

Sam Mikles | President & CEO, Flash Global
Josh Garrison | Sr. Director of Service & Logistics, Cisco

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Oct. 21, 2022  — Flash Global, the leading authority on worldwide supply chain solutions in the post-sales logistics service space, today announced it was nominated and selected for the Cisco 2022 Excellence in Service Logistics. Cisco unveiled the award nominees and winners at its annual Supplier Appreciation Event (SAE) attended by hundreds of component suppliers, manufacturing partners, logistics partners, and Cisco employees. The 31st annual hybrid SAE was held in person and aired virtually on Cisco TV on September 15, 2022.

This award recognizes Flash Global for demonstrating the highest levels of performance, collaboration, and innovation in its service logistics offering along with its alignment and commitment to Cisco.

“We are truly honored to receive Cisco’s 2022 Excellence in Service Logistics award. As the world faced two years that were beyond challenging on so many levels, to be recognized for excellence in this environment is even more meaningful,” said Sam Mikles, CEO of Flash Global. “This truly underscores the strength of our 23+ year strategic partnership, grounded in mutual collaboration, trust and creativity as we evolve and grow alongside Cisco in the future.”

“Thanks in part to our supplier and partner relationships, Cisco recently closed out a strong fiscal year despite a myriad of ongoing pressures and global disruptions. We continue to double down on our collaborative and strategic efforts focused on resiliency, security, and sustainability,” said Marco de Martin, VP Supplier Management, Cisco. “Our SAE theme this year, “Powering Growth Together” highlights the aptitude of our partner and supplier network to innovate and adapt in a collaborative spirit as we deliver for customers. Together, we will continue making significant investments in hybrid cloud, hybrid work, Security, IoT, 5G, and Wi-Fi in response to technology megatrends and transitions across the globe. Now more than ever, it is an exciting time to work with Cisco as we make significant investments in our supply chain, transform our business, and look to the future as one team.”

At SAE, Cisco celebrated the collective achievements and contributions of its most strategic supply chain partners and recognized the suppliers and partners that executed exceptionally well across the supply chain.


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