Asia Pacific – APAC

Asia Pacific – APAC

The Asia Pacific region boasts the two largest growth markets in the world: India and China.

Post-Sales Logistics APAC

It’s a region that is considered extremely complex due to its complicated regulatory laws related to import and export of high tech components. For our customers, which are predominantly Fortune 500 companies, some of the biggest challenges are keeping inventory as low as possible, shortening transit times, and meeting/exceeding customer-driven SLAs.

A region such as APAC simply cannot be managed from the USA or any other region. Our clients’ growth requires distribution to be executed on a local level, in the regional time zone, by staff that is familiar with regional/local distribution patterns, customs requirements and overall the regulatory requirements.

Flash Global has numerous leaders throughout the entire APAC region to manage the vast network, provide customer support and ensure fast and predictable importation in all APAC countries. Flash offers exceptional service within the region through our Customer Response Centers in Singapore and Tokyo.

Flash has Distribution Centers located in:

  • Chennai, India
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing, China
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Sydney, Australia

From this network of Distribution Centers and hundreds of Forward Stocking Locations, Flash offers distribution capabilities within the relevant country or throughout the region, as well as sophisticated reverse logistics programs. Flash sets up a new Distribution Center in less than 60 days in new markets, enabling its customers to enter markets quickly with minimal to no fixed costs, and it offers the flexibility of fast expansion.

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