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Your company depends on you to maintain adequate spare parts inventory at all times while controlling costs. That’s a simple way of putting it, but we want to get to the point. Your post-sales challenges are our bread and butter, and we’d love to hear your story.

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Our Areas Of Expertise: Service Parts Logistics & More

Post Sales Logistics

Let Flash Global make you the office hero. Through service parts logistics and other post-sales services, we help growing companies support their tech products globally. We do that as a trusted partner helping key personnel who provide after-sales service in the following areas:

  • Service Parts Logistics: From warehousing and distribution efforts in 140+ countries to transportation management (2HR, 4HR, NBD, NFO service deliveries) to order and inventory management, clients have clear visibility globally into every aspect through FlashTrac, our proprietary inventory system of record. Read more.
  • Global Trade Operations and Compliance: Driving customer product sales and growth through consistent service and global reach is only part of the story. A global network of in-country/region experts serves as an extension of our clients’ teams. Their efforts, coupled with our automated trade management system that verifies the details of every shipment before it leaves a warehouse, are key to mitigating risk and providing brand protection globally. Read more.
  • Importer of Record/Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR): Sleep better at night knowing our IOR/EOR partners are the entities that are legally responsible for ensuring your service parts logistics inventory moves across international borders seamlessly and without delays, fines, or other penalties. Read more.
  • Field Services: Whether the need is for a technician only or a technician and spare part(s), Flash Global can arrange onsite support to perform a component swap, software upgrades or a product refresh. Service level options are 4-Hour (same day) and Next Business Day (NBD). Read more.

Our experience in service parts logistics and these other areas helps you increase customer satisfaction while reducing the total cost of ownership.

We offer complete solutions as an extension of your company

  • Logistics Managers: Your company depends on you to maintain optimal inventory levels at all times while controlling costs. Your challenges are our bread and butter. Read more.
  • Spare Parts Managers: Discover the empowering approach to managing service parts logistics inventory based on real-time data rather than outdated information. Read more.
  • Trade Compliance Managers: Overseeing global trade operations and compliance is tedious, time consuming…and risky. Let us do the heavy lifting. Read more.
  • Product Managers: To get your customers the products and services they need on time, every time, you need to work a bit of magic. We can help. Read more.
  • CFOs: Service parts logistics and cost control need to go hand-in-hand. We can provide the operational efficiencies that save your company time and money. Read more.
  • COOs: Managing risk and capitalizing on opportunities in a competitive marketplace are your marching orders. You don’t need to go it alone. Read more.
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Service Parts Logistics & More: Rely on Flash Global

Our teams provide outsourced service parts logistics and other post-sales support and services in 140+ countries, sending technicians to your customer sites, getting replacement parts where they’re needed, managing asset recovery and recycling, and handling difficult cross-border trade compliance issues.

Let us make your job easier. We understand no two customers are alike. Therefore, ours is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We design a configurable account program to support each client’s current needs while strategically looking at trends that will define the future, to ensure best-in-class performance and support.

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