Premier High-Tech Service Parts Logistics Services
in Africa’s Largest Country


Premier High-Tech Service Parts Logistics Services
in Africa’s Largest Country

Over the past several years, Algeria has been making significant investments in building out its technology infrastructure. Starting with essentially zero broadband infrastructure in the early 2000s, the northern African nation is now crisscrossed with thousands of miles of fiber optic cable and is making strides in expanding 5G coverage throughout the country. 

Many Network Hardware  and Broadband OEMs have been capitalizing on Algeria’s rapid adoption of technology. This has created a wonderful opportunity for Flash Global’s high-tech customer base to expand throughout the country. 

Algiers Algeria

Why Expand to Algeria with Flash?

Our global customers who support high-tech products in various cities throughout the country, including Algiers, Oran, and Constantine, trust Flash Global to fulfill their global service contract SLAs for many reasons:

+  A strong track record of consistent KPI achievement worldwide.

+  Four decades of experience managing worldwide service supply chains for high-tech OEMs.

+  Praise we’ve received for adapting to customers’ changing global post-sales logistics needs.

Post-Sales Support

We fulfill service contract SLAs on behalf of numerous global high-tech OEMs, and our presence in Algeria now gives us the advantage to scale our global footprint in EMEA.

We maintain over 700+ global FSLs in over 140+ countries, and we pride ourselves in providing the same level of quality service in all of our locations, including our newest location in Algeria.

Oran Algeria

With our rapid global reach through same day and next business day deliveries of high-tech service parts as well as valuable add-on services such as IOR (importer of record) and EOR (exporter of record), we aim to support Network Hardware and Broadband OEMs as they expand to all corners of the world, such as Algeria.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Within the last year we have opened over 100 new FSL locations across the globe. This process could have been very daunting, but it was completed efficiently and effectively due to excellent planning, communication, and collaboration
Matt Weldon, Vice President of Sales
Avnet Integrated Americas

Partnering with Flash to solve business issues allows Infinera to create an end-to-end process/network to support our customers’ success.

Christopher Dickerson,
VP of Service Planning and Logistics



High-Tech OEM Service Parts

If you have service-level agreements (SLAs) that require you to provide your customers high-tech OEM service parts and/or quality technical service, Flash is the partner for you. Our long-standing (and constantly growing) OEM customer base includes, but isn’t limited to:

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