7 Key Insights: Up Your Service Supply Chain Game to Accelerate Revenue

Grob’s Attack, Bird’s Opening, and the Englund Gambit are strategies that can get a player to checkmate in eight or fewer moves. There are many proven strategies for a lightning victory in chess, but for blazing business success, it seems like there are never enough.

The one tried-and-true move is accelerating revenue. In business, having revenue is like having more chess pieces—pawns, knights, rooks, etc.—because it enables you to be innovative and expand across the board.

7 Key Insights to service supply chain

1. Flash Global provides a unique means for a revenue blitz.

Our service supply chain model supports your international expansion while providing you with a ready revenue stream that conserves CAPEX. Flash provides you with an unrivaled strategy for moving critical spare parts anywhere in the world in time to fulfill your warranty or service level agreements. It’s a gambit successfully being used by Flash and our entire family of customers.

2. Other strategies come with sacrifices.

Cutting costs can increase profitability, but it can also erode long-term earning potential. Spreading your resources too thin while expanding into local markets can damage your brand and lose the opportunity to generate referrals. In the worst case, underfunding existing operations to bankroll new markets can undermine quality throughout your organization.

3. Make spare parts management your checkmate strategy.

Sales and service go hand in hand in any market, whether establishing business in the country/territory for the first time or simply expanding your local footprint. Selling your products is good; however, having the ability to scale customer service through spare parts management is playing from a position of power. Not only does it make your customers happy by minimizing downtime, but it also has the potential to add a high-margin revenue stream for you. Imagine the feeling you’d have when you share the news with your prospects that you offer:

  • Global service logistics that operates 24/7, 365 with:
    • 2-hour deliveries
    • 4-hour deliveries
    • Next business day deliveries
    • Scheduled deliveries
  • Operational in 140+ countries

Check. Mate.

4. Critical spare parts are your chess pieces.

The faster, smarter and more strategically you can move replacement products or parts to international markets, the faster you unleash a revenue blitz. Flash provides you with the essentials you’ll need to do this anywhere and with near-perfect performance. We have a 98% or better SLA (service level agreement) record with customers worldwide.

Flash enables you to accomplish this through a vast network of over 630+ FSLs (forward stocking locations), 12 global distribution centers, and 5 global command centers, all strategically located across a global footprint that encompasses 140+ countries. We’ll design a global service supply chain that optimizes all your operations. Then, we’ll put you in control with a proprietary supply chain management system that gives you near real-time oversight of your field inventory, order management, and third-party shipment tracking.

5. Move masterfully across borders: IOR and EOR.

In conjunction with Flash’s service logistics solutions, we offer the opportunity to use our premium IOR (importer of record) and EOR (exporter of record) services that expedite speed to market globally where you don’t have an established legal entity set up.

Moving spare parts in and out of countries is complex. Mistakes and miscommunication can lead to delays and costly violations. We can help move your service parts into countries that require IOR/EOR expertise—and we can get you set up in most countries very quickly.

6. Learn the moves for minimizing duties and taxes.

We’ll show you all the right moves for controlling CAPEX costs and duties and taxes by remaining the owner of goods from point of manufacture to end delivery. As your global operations grow, it’s a strategy that helps preserve your hard-won revenue.

7. Advance your game without burning CAPEX.

Flash’s established and knowledgeable partner network enables you to set up in new countries quickly while controlling overhead costs. Leverage our existing warehousing and labor resources to scale easily and minimize expenses—another great way to contribute to your revenue haul.

By sparing you from the steep learning curve associated with going into new territories, Flash saves you the most precious resource of all—your time, which you can train without distraction on your product and where you want to take it next.

Add the Flash Gambit to your growth strategy.

The IOR/EOR Opening, the Maintenance Agreements Attack, the Ownership Game, and the CAPEX Defense are four of the most effective methods for you to accelerate your revenue through effective use of the global service supply chain.

Talk to our solutions designers about developing your speed game.


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