3 Ways to Know If Your Service Supply Chain Is Adding Value

3 Ways to Know If Your Service Supply Chain Is Adding Value

With so many industry discussions revolving around mistakes and problems in the service supply chain, it’s important to have a dialog about positive scenarios for comparison. So, how do you determine when your service supply chain is healthy and adding value?

Natural bias enters into the consideration process — no company likes to admit they’ve missed the mark, of course — and competitors aren’t typically forthcoming with comparable statistics. Thankfully, there’s another way: These three simple questions will provide a top-down feel for how well your supply chain is performing and supporting your brand.

Does My Service Supply Chain “Play Well With Others?”

No matter what products your company makes, the most important item it manufactures – at least in terms of business growth and efficiency – is data. Transparency between supply chain nodes, particularly interconnected ones, is an excellent gage to determine if value is being added. The better your supply chain is about communicating node-to-node, the less downtime you’ll have to contend with and the more solutions you’ll have available at all times. Flash Global, for example, offers clients robust reporting and data analytics to make supply chain optimization an easy and highly-visible process.

Is My Service Supply Chain Scalable?

Imagine you’re enjoying excellent distribution coverage in all the markets you’ve set out to conquer. Your service supply chain is carefully tuned for peak efficiency in light of your current position, and you’re enjoying steady workflows and profit. Suddenly, an unexpected tech boom in a country where you don’t distribute to upends the familiar market spread. Can your service supply chain rise to the challenge, or would you struggle to redefine your relationships and stress the capabilities of your suppliers? A great service supply chain never rests on its laurels — it’s always ready to tackle an opportunity to add supply chain value.

Will My Service Supply Chain Adapt?

While it’s a tall order to have every supply chain vendor in tune with the latest advancements, selecting a service supply chain partner with an eye on the future has never been more important. From information-rich and tech-interface-ready labeling to custom packaging ideas for emerging delivery solutions, the forward-thinking attitudes of your suppliers can have a huge impact on your ability to change with the times. Even if they aren’t currently using new innovations, a vendor with service supply chain value in mind should be knowledgeable enough to discuss these subjects, and open-minded enough to consider incorporating them if the demand is high enough.

If these three points have left you with a large question mark instead of a sense of relief, it’s time to invest in your company’s peace of mind. Contact Flash Global today to see what true service supply chain value can look like, and how easy it is to incorporate into your current supply chain.


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