Flash Global Article on TLNT


Answering One Simple Question Can Inspire Passion for the Job

Apr 25, 2017

You want great teams performing within your organization? In his article, "Why Talking Passion Can Make All The Difference," Flash Global COO Matt Zimmer says it all starts with as

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Charley Hoffman Flash partnership


Charley Hoffman finishes strong in 2017 opener

Jan 9, 2017

Our guy Charley Hoffman got it rolling late in the game on Sunday, making birdie on his last three h

Charley Hoffman at SBS TOC


Charley Hoffman Starts 2017 with a 2-under 71 in Hawaii

Jan 5, 2017

Our guy Charley Hoffman opened with a 2-under-71 Thursday at the SBS Tournament of Champions, a roun

charley hoffman PGA Tour


Flash’s Favorite Golfer Charley Hoffman Seeking Consistency

Jan 4, 2017

Our guy Charley Hoffman is ready to get the 2017 PGA TOUR season going and there’s no better place

parts inventory management


Flash Global: An Expert in Parts Inventory Management

Dec 20, 2016

Successful parts inventory management goes back to knowing the difference between good deals and g

transporting hazardous goods


Transporting hazardous goods? Follow the rules… or face large fines

Nov 29, 2016

Flash Global and its customers must follow applicable safety regulations and take appropriate precau

Singles Day Supply Chain Delivery


Record Shopping Frenzy Causing Supply Chain Delivery Delays in China

Nov 16, 2016

As people in the United States get set to score big on the first days of the holiday shopping season

spare parts inventory management


Benefits of OEM-Authorized Spare Parts Inventory Management

Nov 10, 2016

In Part I of this series, we discussed the risks inherent in purchasing counterfeit parts in the sup

doing business in Japan


6 Things to Know About Doing Business in Japan

Nov 10, 2016

Doing business in Japan can be lucrative, but it often presents challenges to outsiders. Japan is t